Research platform

Research platform

The company has sales department, research and development department, production department, engineering department, administration department, finance department, and integrated assembly factory. It has 34 national patents.

Research platform
01 R&D platform Zhejiang Harbor Technology Economics Research Institute

The company devotes to improving its soft power and giving full play to the dominant position of enterprises in independent innovation. It aims to build a multi-level and multi-category R & D system, complete the research projects of national, provincial, municipal and tertiary institutions, and realize the perfect combination of production, learning and research.

Zhejiang Harbor Technology Economics Research Institute
02 R&D platform Zhejiang Harbor Wire & Cable (Europe) Technical Research Center

As the only overseas research center in the industry, the European research center focuses on equipment automation, modularization and high efficiency research.Integrate and utilize global economic, market and technological resources to promote the internationalization of HARBOR.

Zhejiang Harbor Wire & Cable (Europe) Technical Research Center
03 R&D platform Zhejiang Harbor (Hangzhou) R&D Center

The company was founded in 2009, as the earliest R&D platform established by HARBOR, it has made fruitful achievements in product development and design, optimization of traditional technological processes and other fields since its establishment, providing solid team resources and technical support for HARBOR Manufacturing.

Zhejiang Harbor (Hangzhou) R&D Center